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Pawnee Grasslands overnight

We returned from our trip, Pawnee Grasslands overnight, on Sunday, May 03 2015.

Eastern Colorado- We set out early on a sunny Saturday morning to explore one of Colorado's most interesting but least appreciated ecosystems - the shortgrass prairie.  Located about 40 miles east of Ft Collins, the Pawnee National Grasslands are a land of grass and sky, home to pronghorns, coyotes, migrating birds, 1 or 2 grasshoppers - and for this weekend, 11 campers from Casey Middle School and Creekside Elementary.  

We drove the backroads to our campsite near some prairie potholes, and the campers spilled out on to the prairie to examine some of the smallest inhabitants





The next task was to set up tents - and a latrine - in the rapidly rising wind

We spent much of the afternoon chasing tents and watching squalls roll across the prairie.

Fortunately the weather calmed down enough to allow us to inspect the pond wildlife

The prairie proved a great place for frisbee and foot races

The evening calmed down enough to allow us to enjoy dinner, and a campfire complete with banana boats for dessert

Trip departure and return dates and time: 
Saturday, May 02 2015 2:30 AM to Sunday, May 03 2015 9:00 AM
Required Pre-trip Meeting date and time: 
Fri, May 01 2015 6:30 PM
Pre-trip Meeting Info: 
At Manhattan MS
Trip Description: 

Venture to the Pawnee Grasslands for birdwatching, hiking, and wildflower spotting.  This is one of the prime areas for watching bird migrations and for wittnessing the vast night sky.  Come check it out!  We will car camp for one night.

Difficulty Rating: 
Max Number of Youth Participants: 
Min Number of Youth Participants: 
Youth Permission Slip (to be filled out by parent/guardians and returned to the agency representative):