Operations suspended due to COVID-19

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, all Boulder ICO outings, including any listed below, are suspended until further notice. If possible, the listed outings will be rescheduled when our operations resume.

Fall colors dayhike

We returned from our trip, Fall colors dayhike, on Saturday, September 19 2015.

Golden Gate- After a late start due to missing p-slips, we headed up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park on a beautiful fall day.  Our intrepid crew became obsessed with finding the perfect hiking stick, and scoured the forest for them on our 2-mile hike up the Horseshoe Trail to Frazer Meadows.  Once there, we inspected the old cabin, had lunch, played a game of camoflage out in the meadow, found old ranch machinery, climbed rock outcroppings and in general enjoyed a classic fall day in the Colorado mountains.

The boys keep a sharp lookout from a strategic vantage point

Bonny the pack dog invites herself to lunch

Keeping an eye on things

Inspecting a hundred-year old cast iron hay rake

Conferring on strategy for "camoflage"

Trip departure and return dates and time: 
Saturday, September 19 2015 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Trip Description: 

Join us for a moderate hike through the forests and meadows of Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  In addition to enjoying the fall colors and views of snowcapped peaks, we will visit historic settlers cabins and are likely to spot the abundant birds and animals of the park as they prepare for winter.

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