Tenkara Academy

What is the BVICO Tenkara Academy?

Tenkara (ten-ka-ra; テンカラ) is a minimalist form of fly fishing that hails from Japan but is now growing in popularity in the United States because it is lightweight, very effective, and, yet, simple. Boulder Valley ICO offers on an ongoing basis a Tenkara Academy that teaches tenkara flycasting and fly tying on a range of outings. Graduates of the academy are eligible to purchase top-quality Tenkara USA equipment at a very steeply discounted price so that they and their families can enjoy tenkara on their own. Graduates are also able to purchase flies and fly-tying supplies from Rocky Mountain Anglers at a 15% discount. The graduation requirements for the BVICO Tenkara Academy and the enrollment form are found here. Each outing posted to the BVICO website will indicate whether it counts toward the graduation requirements for this academy. 

How Can I Learn Tenkara Flycasting Quickly?

The single best resource for learning Tenkara is a book by the founder of Tenkara USA that can be borrowed (by participants and volunteers, alike) from Boulder Valley ICO gear depot once it has been stocked. Key skills can also be learned from the videos linked below. Tenkara flycasting relies on a small, articifical fly that is attached to a short length of thin, clear cord called "tippet" that is then connected to a thicker, opaque cord called the "line". There are two types of line; Boulder Valley ICO uses both level line and braided line. The line is then attached to a long, telescoping rod. 

Connecting the fly to the tippet.

Connecting the tippet to the line

Connecting the line to the rod

The Basic Tenkara Cast

How Can I Learn Fly Tying Quickly?

The best way to learn fly tying is to attend a class. Rocky Mountain Anglers offers free beginner's fly tying classes during certain times of year. Free fly tying classes at Rocky Mountain Anglers are also available to volunteers and participants in our Tenkara Academy. Videos explaining how to tie the flies that we commonly use are linked below.

Here are some videos that review basic fly-tying skills:

You Need a License if You are 16 Years Old or Older

Those 16 or older require a Colorado Fishing License. The cost of licenses is described here; the annual license is the best option for those participating in the Tenkara Academy or who are regularly volunteering with Boulder Valley ICO. In Boulder, licenses can be purchased from McGuckin Hardware, Rocky Mountain Anglers, Front Range Anglers, and Sport Authority. Please be sure to bring proof of Colorado residency in order to qualify for the steep discount available to Colorado residents. Each state requires its own fishing license. You can purchase those licenses online: Wyoming | Utah | Nebraska | Montana

Other Resources

The Boulder Valley ICO Tenkara Academy is a partnership with Tenkara USA, Rocky Mountain Anglers, and Boulder Flycasters (the Boulder chapter of Trout Unlimited). The organizations, their websites, and their people are excellent resources for information fly fishing in general and tenkara in particular. 

Countless books on the subject are also available at the Boulder Public Library. Our PowerPoint presentation on "reading the water" is here.

Those who enjoy tenkara or other forms of flycasting are encouraged to join Boulder Flycasters because their work helps improve and protect water quality and riparian habitat upon which this sport depends.

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