Operations suspended due to COVID-19

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, all Boulder ICO outings, including any listed below, are suspended until further notice. If possible, the listed outings will be rescheduled when our operations resume.

Wildlife tracking part 1

We kicked off our wildlife tracking at the end of January with a short hike up Gregory Canyon. After inching our way up a very icy trail, we cut over to the north side of the canyon and followed game trails up a side gully, crossing a frozen waterfall along the way. Animal sign was abundant near this water source. There were deer droppings (of course) but also bear scat from last fall. You can see bits of fur as well as berry seeds in it.

The kids also found the remains of a hornet's nest, thankfully without the hornets.

We got our motion-sensing camera set up along the trail, and then headed back as it was getting dark.  We'll be back soon to download animal pictures from the camera.  Watch this space!