Operations suspended due to COVID-19

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, all Boulder ICO outings, including any listed below, are suspended until further notice. If possible, the listed outings will be rescheduled when our operations resume.

Sierra Club @ Casey

Having been doing the ICO thing for a longish time, much of it can seem routine but I'm happy to report that something truly new and lovely is happening in the program. The after school club at Casey Middle School (that we're calling "Sierra Club @ Casey") is proving to be a real success and a lot of fun. We've enjoyed good rates of participation and repeat participation. Indeed, we had two new kids join us this week. And you will surely see many of these kids on our outings. Significantly, the atmosphere of these club meetings is really quite pleasant. We have a great group of attentive, disciplined, and respectful kids (of both genders) who are all there to learn. 

We also have a core group of volunteers who have been at the first two of these meetings: Drew, Bob, Deb, Michael, and myself. But, even if you aren't already a fly tier or an angler, please consider volunteering with us at these events. Learning to tie flies is not that difficult and you can take free classes at Rocky Mountain Anglers or come to one our own Bugs & Brews events. It really is fun, even for those who aren't really into fishing... yet. But we won't just tie flies in this club; we'll also teach how to fish, how to backpack, how to use map and compass, and more.