Organizational Name Change

Our national directorate has been kicking around a change to the name of the organization, realizing that it has been a long time since our program has just served denizens of the inner city. There was very little consensus among the various ICO groups on what name would serve us best or, even, the key characteristics of a suitable name. The result of the national directorate's survey yielded a winner that will now become the official national name for the program: Inspiring Connections Outdoors. But... they were also at pains to explain that individual groups have the discretion to name themselves as they please. This approach leaves our group with a decision: to embrace the new national name or fashion a different name for our group. Stay tuned for more on this subject in the coming months. Mercifully, we have nothing compelling an immediate response to the national name change, so we can take the time to make a decision that will serve us best in the long-run.