Operations suspended due to COVID-19

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, all Boulder ICO outings, including any listed below, are suspended until further notice. If possible, the listed outings will be rescheduled when our operations resume.

It Works!

So the thing is that, in ICO, the kids usually come and go, and, so, it's sometimes difficult to know what, if any, impact we're having. And, I'm sure that, with some, the impact is, in fact, negligible. But, then, there are some kids who, you can tell, seem to "get it". Some of those kids, like Ali Doumbia, go on to become program volunteers and, so, you're never left wondering if your hours committed the program had an impact. But then there are kids who don't stay on the radar. Years go by with no news. And, then, like Ali's classmate, Alma Garcia, they pop up, smack in the middle of the radar screen. And, in that moment, you know the impact we're having is real, not imagined, not hoped-for, but actually just what each of us wishes for from the hours that we invest in this program. Tabling tonight at the Family Resource Summer Program fair, I learned that Alma (who was staffing another table) now works for Boulder Parks & Recreation, doing outreach to the same community we serve. And, yeah, we'll now be running trips in partnership with them. But, just in case you didn't get it, just in case you were utterly deaf to the drum of community upon which our program beats with steady vigor, Alma noted, "Yeah, I think my little sister went with you guys on a trip just a week or two ago." And it's true: Amy was, in fact, one of the kids I drove on the cabin trip to Fraser. Garcia, being a common surname, I didn't realize the connection, but a connection it was. Sure, it all makes me feel super old. But it also definitely makes me feel that my time is being spent well. So, if you're wondering whether we really affect lives, here's the answer: yes, it works! This wheel spins. It spins faster than you might realize. And the spinning, well, that's you, more than you might even suspect.